Lizardfolk 5e Race Overview – How It Works


Lizardfolk 5e is getting well-known daily and everybody is seeking out this one to shape trade in their sport and them extant the sport is largely enjoyable. So once you choose this one you yourself determine what’s that sole element that makes its own identity that too fierce and thinkable. A lizardfolk 5e is usually 6 to 7 feet tall with green, gray, or brown scales. Lizardfolk the tail is used for balance and is 3 to 4 feet long. A lizardfolk 5e can weigh from 200 to 250 pounds.

Lizardfolk 5e

  • Skills: Perception +3, Stealth +2, Survival +5
  • Senses: Passive Perception 13
  • Languages: Draconic
  • Challenge: 1/2 (100 XP)
  • Hold Breath: The lizardfolk can hold its breath for 15 minutes


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Lizardfolk 5e raceThe lizardfolk 5e is defined as a semi-aquatic reptilian humanoid and its skin is covered with scales. The scales vary in color from darkish green to the varied shade of brown and gray. Quite taller than even a median human tall and is powerfully constructed with a top ranging between 6 to 7 feet.

Lizards have several names from the draconic language. They hire simple descriptive permitted by the tribe that supported the individual’s incredible deeds or actions. As an example, Garret translates as an ‘ax’ in the course of which recognition was given to a lizardfolk warrior who defeated an ore. You’ll claim his enemy’s weapon.

Lizardfolk 5e can effortlessly distinguish between the non-reptilians male and feminine. These preserve their pores and skin quite wet and do get too moist for their bodies regularly if they’re in dry climates. This makes them afraid of desolate tract landscapes.

STR15 (+2)
CON13 (+1)
DEX10 (+0
INT7 (-2)
WIS12 (+1)
CHA7 (-2)


  • Capacity score increase – there’s an opportunity of accelerating the charter code by means of 2 and on the opposite hand, your wisdom score gets increases via 1.
  • Age – they need 14 years to degree and there are even uncommon cases who stay as much as 60 years.
  • Disease – To them, existence and loss of life are a technique that takes location in a herbal way. And that they are willing to survive.
  • Size – Lizardfolk can be a tiny bulkier and taller than people and their colorful frills which make them look even bigger.
  • Speed – it’s a speed of 30 toes and you were given a swimming velocity of 30 feet.

Lizardfolk 5e doesn’t have any hobby in cash or jewelry. They even don’t take value to the accumulating know-how if that’s also no longer practically useful.

5e Stats

  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag’s: Lizardfolk

General Info

  • Vision: Darkvision
  • Average Lifespan: Up to 80 years
  • Homeland’s: Chessenta, Chondalwood, Chult, Lake of Steam, Nelanther Isles, Vilhon Reach, Western Heartlands
  • Language: Draconic, Common
  • Subraces: Lizard king, Blackscale Poison Dusk

Lizardfolk Appearance

  • Average Height: 6′ – 7′ (1.8–2.1 m)
  • Average Weight: 200–250 lbs. (90.7–113 kg)
  • Skin Color: Green, black, gray, brown,

These include an outsized price for things that can be supported whether or not or not it had been appropriate to eat. Sometimes they get distracted with meals and these are simpler to parley with the meal and are dangerous as soon as they’re provoked. They’re simpler to parley with after a meal and hungry lizardfolk 5e are completely obstreperous. ‘Those lizards might be proved risky while provoked and that they are absolutely not inherited with evil and are in reality savage. They are doing have some adversity becoming with the civilized world.

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  • First appearance: The supplement I: Greyhawk

Lizardfolk Names

  • Achuak (green)
  • Aryte (war)
  • Baeshra (animal)
  • Darastrix (dragon)
  • Garurt (axe)
  • Irhtos (secret)
  • Jhank (hammer)
  • Kepesk (storm)
  • Kethend (gem)
  • Korth (danger)
  • Kosj (small)
  • Kothar (demon)
  • Litrix (armor)
  • Mirik (song)
  • Othokent (smart)
  • Sauriv (eye)
  • Throden (many)
  • Thurkear (night)
  • Usk (iron)
  • Valignat (burn)
  • Vargach (battle)
  • Verthica (mountain)
  • Vutha (black)
  • Vyth (steel)


MultiattackThe lizardfolk makes two Melee Attacks, each one with a different weapon.
BiteMelee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) piercing damage.
Heavy ClubMelee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) bludgeoning damage

Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft. or range 30/120 ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) piercing damage.
Spiked ShieldSpiked Shield

Lizards are certainly alien minds because they’re fearless they’re counted together of the most powerful creatures, aggressive among others. They’re very fearless which makes them a singular one which is why Lizardfolk 5e.

So as soon as you fight to win that is often the same old if the lizard 5e (5th Edition). There are several lizard folks now it depends on you which of them one you’re attending to believe. But something it’s there’s one element that’s so sure and provides data that this one capability a completely unique quality.

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